Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dogs Against Romney

It happened way back in the Summer of 1983, but dogs across America will never forget.

Seamus the Romney's family pooch was strapped, in a carrier to the roof of the "Mitt Mobile," (a Chevy Caprice station wagon) for a 12 hour road trip from Massachusetts to Beach O'Pine's, Ontario.

But don't worry Romney built a custom windshield for the carrier to make Seamus more "comfy."

Needless to say this literally scared the crap out of poor Seamus and made looking out of the windows of the "Mitt Mobile" quite difficult.  Yes he pooped and it ran all down the windows...gross.

This in fact was " The Poop Heard Around the Dog World."

So for the last 29 years dogs around America and the World have banded together and formed a movement called "Dogs Against Romney."