Friday, July 26, 2013

Willie Nelson and the newborn

3 Months ago I became the proud father of a little baby girl... and while my wife was in labor I was sketching Willie Nelson.
Well not the entire time...
My wife was all set to go into the Hospital, ready to be induced so we could get that beautiful little baby out into the real world.
I had the bags all packed, and was just waiting for my wife to come down the stairs, and out the door we would go.  I checked my email quick before hand and had a wonderful job offer from Christian Williams and the good folks at The Utne Reader.  Another cover, this time featuring Willie Nelson and Mary Louise Parker. The topic...weed...the Governments weed.
Well I knew what I was gonna do that night. Pace back and forth a bunch of times, do the crossword puzzles in those trashy gossip mags my wife gets, and do some sketches of Willie and company. I burned right through the trash crosswords, ashamed of the gossipy knowledge I possess. Next I searched a ton of pics on the good ol' Ipad and a sketching I went.
Hospital Sketch of Willie and Mary Louise Parker
Approved Sketch

Since I couldn't sleep, due to excitement, my wife in horrible pain(cue the epidural) and the nasty ass recliner I was trying to sleep on, I decided to burn the midnight oil.  I turned out a few sketches, the better being the actual basis for the approved cover sketch.

Later that day we welcomed into our lives a little baby girl, Kara. Life has been amazing since she has been here. I have been quite busy ever since.

That being said, maybe you'd like to see the actual cover before I start getting all sentimental.

July August 2013 Utne Reader Cover Art
Ah and now in the background I hear the call of duty...Diaper DOODY.