Monday, September 22, 2014

OC Weekly Covers

Been a while...I know...

Gonna post a couple recent OC Weekly covers that I had the pleasure of working on.

I was fortunate to work with Art Director Dustin Ames, on both covers.  So a BIG thanks to Dustin for throwing me some work!

The first cover had to do with the false savior of The Orange County Register, Aaron Kushner.

Kushner, a Boston businessman bought the newspaper with claims he'd transform journalism.  He was supposed to be the guy who would save "print" and hired a ton of new staff to bolster his creative vision.

Basically he sucked, and he ruined the paper.

Dustin had the idea to have Kushner riding a wrecking ball ( a la Miley Cyrus) into the building of the newspaper he was supposed to save, with staffers running for their lives.

He came in like a wrecking ball!

Ok so on to the next!

This was another fun cover to work on.  This time the focus was on the embattled Mayor of Anaheim, Tom Tait.

Tait is splitting from his political party in certain ways, and in doing so he is becoming less popular with the Republicans, Democrats and business interests.

He is pissing off Angels, Mice Elephants and Donkeys!!

Here's a thumbnail sketch followed by the final cover.

                                                                 Batter Up!!!

I was really pleased with the end result. I experimented with a little bit looser painting technique, plus I got to paint one my daughters favorite characters, Mickey.