Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Utne Reader and Climate Change

I was contacted by Christian Williams from The Unte Reader to illustrate a cover for the Nov/ Dec issue, and the topic at hand was Climate change.

Right from the start, Christian provided me with a detailed description of what they were looking for.  It was a great idea and jumped at the opportunity.

The idea was to have a more or less horrified/sad Statue of Liberty with water rising to he knees, still holding the torch but pulling up her dress out of the water with her other hand.  Also there was to be a ferry tour circling her, with tourists taking photos, as if nothing was wrong.  A nod the the fact many people fail to recognize the issue of climate change and the effect is is having on the world.
Another detail was to have her holding Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" under her arm as well.

Here are the initial, then refined sketches.
The sketch on the left was sent in for approval and the next was a refined drawing based on the approved sketch.

After some disscussion it was pointed out that Lady Liberty was not lifting her dress in a ladylike was looking more like the  "The Pee Pee dance."

Now that's more ladylike.

And here is the final product.

This was a fun, great cover to illustrate, and it was a pleasure to work for Christian and the great people at The Utne Reader.

I was also just informed that this cover was featured on an international blog that celebrates innovative and creative covers. You can check out the site here

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