Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hey Tough Guise...

Welcome back to the wonderful word of McBlahg.  Today I am going to post an Illustration I have on the current issue of Utne Reader.

I was contacted by the wonderful Editor of the mag, Christian Williams, who gave me another opportunity to create a cover for their next issue.  They were knocking around ideas for the March/April ish which had a feature about masculinity.  Basically its about how the old image of a tough guy/men who don't deal with their emotions, can be damaging or dangerous.

To convey this image, Christian proposed "Mad Men" character and symbol of a cool tough guy, Don Draper in his office reading the landmark book on feminism "The Feminine Mystique" with tears runing down his face.

Jon Hamm who plays Draper has such a great face to draw.  The man has a gift for expression.

There is a ton of reference for Mad Men out there, I tried to nail his office as best I could.

This was another great job, I had a lot of fun working on.  Thank you once again to Christian and the good folks over at the Utne Reader.

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