Thursday, February 6, 2014

NY Gov Andrew Cuomo High on Power...

       OK this is a piece that I did because I am a New Yorker, more specifically a Long Islander.

The Guv introduced a reform bill to restructure Long Islands power utility LIPA.  This was mostly due to LIPAs failures during super storm Sandy and Hurricane Irene.  Basically LIPA was given the boot, to be replaced by Jerseys own PSEG. 

The Guv also seeks to decriminalize Marijuana and is looking to introduce a program allowing up to 20 hospitals to prescribe and distribute medical marijuana.

So yes I painted the Governor taking a bong hit out of a LIPA smoked stack with his prescribed medical marijuana.

So begs the question...Is the Governor "High on Power?" or doing a good job.

All I know for sure is that my electric bills a "high" as Hell.

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