Monday, March 5, 2012

Furnace Face!

Howdy do?  Just before the new year a buddy of mine told me Mattel was holding a "Create a Character Contest" for the Masters of the Universe toy line.

I was elated, but under the gun.  I was working on a job that had to get done by Christmas Eve, and the deadline for the Mattel contest was on New Years Eve.

That didn't leave me with much time, however being that I am a smooth Mofo, I was able to finish that job a day before Xmas Eve and had a day or two between Christmas and New Years to scribble out a few ideas for the Mattel contest.

The contest was open to pretty much anyone who wasn't an employee of Mattel, and the age group wasn't limited.  So I figured I'd have a leg up on all of those crayon clenched little kid fists.  But who knows...the winner won't be picked until July...sighs.

The contest stated you had to use "shared parts" within the toy line already.  If you remember from back in the day, they would just repaint an old figure and give a new name, and presto you have a new figure.  For example Moss Man was just a Beast Man figure minus the armor, painted green with pine scented flocking glued to him.
Stinkor was basically Mer-Man repainted like a skunk.  You see where I'm going.

So keeping in mind the "shared parts" criteria I pulled out a name of a character I created as a kid.  His name was Furnace Face.  Basically he had a metal head that was on fire...Don't  judge, this was the early 90's.  I even sent a drawing of him to Stan Lee...stop judging...If I can find a picture, I'll post it. 

Anyway I thought the name was perfect for the toy line.  Now I just need to figure out what parts to use.  Here are the ingredients used.

Sketch of Furnace Face.

  -  waist and legs of Roboto.
  -  Trap Jaw's arms (from before he became Trap Jaw...I dunno either).
  -  Man At Arms chest armor.
  -  Head from the Faceless one ( Except it would have to be recast clear with flames and tinted reddish orange).

Behold the sketch and final drawing.

Pretty bad-ass dontcha' think??

I will probably lose to some 9 year old who based his character on a mix between his grandma, a poodle and Bieber.

Oh well I had fun creating Furnace Face so whatever happens, happens.

Nuff said.

Final Furnace Face.